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We personally make pet deliveries to and pick ups from Newark & JFK airports. Additionally, through a network of other professional pet shippers, we can make arrangements for out of state shipments. We’re well known for providing safe and hassle-free pet shipping. Whenever possible, we use direct non-stop flights to reduce the length of travel, especially for overseas moves. All travel is on commercial passenger airlines or cargo freight airlines. Currently there are no pet-only airlines. Pet Airways, the last pet only carrier, went out of business in 2013.

Airborne Animals, LLC is a member of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association). Professional licenses: USDA Handlers License #22-H-0020

Please contact us for information and a price estimate for relocating your pet by air.

Pick up and delivery: We personally drive to collect and deliver pets in the northeast USA, from Pittsburgh or Buffalo to Boston to Washington DC. In many cases large kennels make this a requirement as flights may not have aircraft large enough to accommodate the kennels. In other areas we will employ the services of a colleague to provide the local ground work.

Flight Kennels: Airborne Animals has an array of manufactured kennels available, including Skykennels, the premier choice for pet air transit, and metal crates for breeds the airline deems "dangerous" or "strong jawed" breeds. See more on our crates page.

Health documents: Government requirements include a health certificate for all pets traveling by air. The airline will require a health certificate dated within 10 days before a pet can be accepted for shipment.

Every pet needs a health certificate and proof of vaccines (especially rabies). This means your veterinarian has examined the pet and is certifying the pet is healthy and free of contagious diseases. USDA regulations require a certificate dated no more than ten days prior to the trip. We recommend you get it as close to the trip as possible. If there are any delays, you may have a chance to reschedule before the certificate expires. Otherwise, you will be paying for another one.

International travel may require a special health certificate for the country of arrival, and often a second health certificate to leave the USA is also required. Your veterinarian must be USDA accredited, in most cases, in order to sign such documents. We will assist in making sure you have all the appropriate paperwork. Airborne Animals can also pick up your pet in advance of travel and have our veterinary team handle the exams and signing of documents.

USDA endorsements: International travel usually requires USDA endorsements as well. This means after your USDA accredited veterinarian does the exam and signs the health documents, the USDA must also see the paperwork and put their signature and stamp on it. It’s a two step process, and not something just your veterinarian can do. We can also make the arrangements for USDA endorsements either via FedEx to a regional office or in person in NJ.

Trip Logistics: This is where pet shippers are most often involved, to plan and make all the travel arrangements for your pet. We’ll find the best flight routing, do all the airline documents, tender your pet to the airline and pay the airline freight costs. We must review all the documents in advance (since the airlines hold us accountable) and often have to submit the paperwork to the airline or country in advance of travel for approval.

Arrival and customs clearances internationally: We highly suggest the use of an agent to handle the arrival of a pet off an international flight. In some cases it will be mandatory, but even if not, unless you have done it before and know where to go and which officials to see it can be difficult. In many places, even with a knowledgeable agents assistance, clearances can take hours. This is especially important with flights arriving late in the day—without pre-clearances your pet may sit overnight in the cargo area until offices open in the morning.

Import permits & Quarantine: Quarantine is often required in island countries, for example Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Guam; and many countries require an import permit granted prior to arrival.

We can assist you by contacting the appropriate authorities for import permits and/or arranging quarantine on your behalf.

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