Accepting Pets for Pet Relocation

There are strict regulations for shipping cargo, including pets!

Airlines may choose to accept cargo and pets from an individual or only from a professional pet transport company. The airline may accept pet cargo from the public if they meet specific requirements. Airlines may accept pet cargo from the public if they meet specific requirements. Some airlines will require the use of a pet transportation company to book your pet’s shipment internationally. This applies when departing from the USA, or re-entering the USA from abroad. This is usually because there have been too many problems with paperwork and clearances, so the airline chooses only to accept from professionals, and not from individuals. Current Homeland Security regulations in the United States require the use of an agent for shipments entering the USA—individuals will NOT be allowed to book their own pets into the USA.

For most airlines, cargo shipping costs are related to the size of the crate, not the actual weight. The Animal Welfare Act and IATA Live Animal Regulations are clear in defining the proper size for pet shipping. Additionally, crates must be labeled appropriately. We go one step further by attaching a laminated tag with the owner's/consignee's name, address and telephone, as well as our own as the shipper.

The Animal Welfare Act defines temperature restrictions for both heat and cold, which all pet shippers and the airlines must abide by. Some flights will be restricted when the temperature is at one extreme or the other; occasionally whole airports will have an embargo prohibiting pet shipping. In these cases we have no choice but to delay any shipments until the temperatures become more moderate.

All pets shipped will be required to have current vaccines and a health certificate from a veterinarian. International shipping will usually require special documentation, and often other vaccines or blood tests prior to shipping.

Only one pet can be shipped per carrier, with the exception of litter mates less than 16 weeks of age/ less than 20 pounds each, which may then be 2 per crate.

We do not accept tranquilized pets for shipment. Several airlines have also adopted this policy, and tranquilized pets will be turned away. Tranquilization was once the leading cause of injury, illness or death during pet shipment. If you have concerns or questions about this policy, please contact us, we want your pet to arrive safe and alive!