Five Questions

Five Important Questions to Ask a Pet Transporter

Five Important Questions to Ask a Pet Transporter

1. Does your estimate include everything?

Some companies only quote cargo costs for the airlines or neglect to include items like charges for shipping kennels, their professional fees, etc. Or they may "guess-ti-mate" very low, and later their invoice reflects actual fees and things they "forgot". If you ask for door to door service, make sure it includes everything. Rather than trying to compare pricing, compare services to make sure you are getting the same services for the estimated costs. Find out more about our Pricing Policy.

2. Will you review all my documents ahead of time?

When you hire us for a move, we will check everything for you, and we require copies ahead of time before we will move your pet. If the documents for even a simple move are missing, incorrect, or lacking data, a pet shipment can be refused by the airline. For a domestic move a health certificate and rabies vaccination certificate are required. However, I see many health certificates that are missing a signature or are out of date. Also a list of vaccines or an invoice for a rabies vaccine is not the same thing as a certificate. Document review is especially important for an international move where paperwork can be complicated. We don't want your pet quarantined or returned to the USA! If you are shipping your own pet, find out more about our Document Review Services if you only want help with the paperwork.

3. Will my pet be on a non-stop flight?

Whenever possible we like to use the most direct path from point A to point B. Having said that, sometimes "you can't get there from here" - and we have to use flights connecting to each other. This is most often true from smaller cities and for international travel. Connecting flights seldom cause any problems with the pet’s travel. The biggest problem we see is connections that are too quick - because if a first flight is late, then chances are the second flight will be missed. Find our more about our Transportation Services.

4. On really long trips (i.e. to Singapore or South Africa), will my pet have a rest point?

On long trips, especially where connections may cause a long layover or overnight stop, we arrange for a rest stop with service providers. The animals are removed from their travel crates, fed and watered, and the crates cleaned as necessary. Although this process may add hours or a day to a trip, we feel it makes the pets more comfortable and is more humane than putting them in a travel kennel for 25 or 30 hours.

5. Will you be tracking my pet once it leaves, and let me know?

With today's technology and even the telephone, we are able to confirm a flight has left and your pet is on board about an hour after the flight leaves. We communicate with our clients then to let them know everything is according to plan via phone, text or emails. With long trips and connections, we'll be checking to make sure the pet transfers from flight to flight. If we are using an agent on the receiving end, we require a phone call or email so we know the pet arrived safely.