Document Review

Pet Travel—Ensure your pet’s travel documentation is correct.

Airborne Animals can assist the do-it-yourself shipper.

For a fee we can review the paperwork necessary for your pet's move.

Paperwork problems might mean:

  • A cancelled pet shipment
  • A delay in customs clearance in the destination country
  • Quarantine in a foreign country
  • Denied entrance to that country, resulting in a return shipment to the USA (at the owner's expense)

We specialize in moves to the UK, the Pet Passport Scheme and bird transport both into and out of the USA. We can also review documents for a pet entering the US from overseas.

Will vary depending upon the destination.

To have documents reviewed:

Please contact us at for procedural and payment details.

We will require payment by credit card (Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover) and copies of all the documents by either fax or scanned & emailed.