Safe and Friendly Boarding Services

Safe and Friendly Boarding Services Airborne Animals LLC maintains its own small kennel facility on the premises and traveling pets are welcome to stay with us for brief periods. Our vet, Animal Care Center of North Jersey, also provides boarding services. For longer stays, we have the following working relationships with a kennel and cattery.

The Cat Chalet, Randolph, NJ provides our feline guests with condo accommodations. This is a small cattery, operated by the owner, and the cats are provided with lots of individual attention. Visit their accommodations at

Hope's Kennel in Blairstown, NJ provides rooms for our canine guests. Also operated by the owner with the help of a small staff, it is located out in the country of Warren County. Dogs have indoor - outdoor runs, and walking services are available.

If you need accommodations in other areas of the state, or if boarding is needed at the other end of the move, we can use out network of pet transporters and boarding kennels to find the right accommodations for your pet.

Airborne Animals drivers can pick up a pet for relocation from the kennel of your choice, as long as the kennel is provided with notification and a release statement to turn the pet over to Airborne Animals personnel.