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Specialists in pet transportation & pet relocation
International and domestic pet moving services

We provide pet shipping services for people relocating.We specialize in pet transportation. Our pet shipping services include relocating small pets (like rabbits, ferrets and turtles), dogs, cats, and birds by commercial airlines’ cargo services both domestically and internationally, and by road within the Northeast of America. We do not have our own planes.

There are 5 important questions you need to ask before you choose a pet mover. Have even more questions? We probably cover them in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Pet transportation and delivery services are available to individuals as well as corporations. Services for shipping a pet are not necessarily for those people who want to take a pet on vacation, but are more geared for the family moving to a new location. We have contacts all across America as well as many foreign countries to assist with moving of your four-footed family member. With our knowledge about pet relocation, you’re assured of a trouble-free experience. After all, we’re moving pets all year long.

At Airborne Animals we are dedicated to the safe moving of your pet

The advantage of hiring a professional pet transportation company is to remove the stress of organizing the pet’s move so that you can concentrate on the rest of the issues of moving. When you hire a professional that moves many pets per year and knows the in and outs of the industry, your pet relocation can go much smoother than when you struggle to do it alone. Most accidents and cases of illness or death during a move occur as a result of the pet being moved by someone who means well, but doesn't really know how to accomplish it.

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