Our emphasis is on customer service. Read below what our customers have to say.

We treat our customers and their pets the same we would want to be treated.

From Linda M. G., Three dogs to Italy:
Sally of Airborne Animals is just amazing! We felt so comfortable putting our three dogs into her tender loving care on our recent move to Italy. The dogs made it in one piece after a long journey from kennel to plane through customs in Italy to the cargo loading docks and then into our 9 person passenger van for the move to their new home!

I highly recommend the services that Sally has to offer!

Linda M. G.

Move three dogs to Italy

From Dawne, Two cats, from Newark to Atlanta, GA:
R.E. The October transport of my two cats, Ben and Hendel, this past October, from New Jersey to South Carolina. Their journey from being outdoor semi- feral "Parking Lot/Dumpster- Diving" young male cats into semi- mellow, mostly outdoor, "Horse Farm/Barn Cats" went as seamlessly as possible due to your uber- professional services and expertise. Your extremely timely responses to all my questions via phone and email were much appreciated and I was very impressed by how easily you made the paperwork process flow. Your instructions and suggestions were clear and spot on. It was such a relief having you organize their proper crate size and their airline flights. You showed up to pick them up from me the morning of their flight just before the crack of dawn and even helped me catch one of them and get him safely into his crate. I was extremely impressed with your overall technical know how and professional sense of responsibility.

I would highly encourage anyone who is hesitating as to whether or not the financial cost of procuring your professional services is worth it or not, to confidently book you! The sense of peace and reassurance Sally and Airborne Animals provided is priceless.

Thank you again, for running such an impeccable company and service.
Move two cats to Atlanta, Georgia

From Linda, Chow Chow puppy form Russia to Portland OR:
I have the puppy and he is quite nice. The pedigree is very good and his dispositon is excellent and he is really cute with a very good tail set. I am very pleased with him.

I also posted on facebook in chow chow international and chow chows in Greece how pleased I was with our service. You were efficient, considerate and prompt with everything you handled in this transaction of getting my puppy imported properly and on a timely trip to Portland, Oregon.
You were cost effective and kept me completely informed every step of the way. I have to whole heartedly recommend you to anyone who imports a puppy and needs the service of an animal transporter. You were 100%!.

Thank you from the bottom of my animal loving heart.
Chow Chow puppy form Russia to Portland

The four Bertrams, 2 Parrots imported from Germany to NM:
Now its two days ago that I get my boys back. On the first day they were simpy tired and felt happy to be home. Yesterday they felt much better and talked to us as they do before
:-). Yesterday we eat strawberrys and they loved it. We are very happy now and we hope that we stay here for 3 or 5 years without changing flat or city or something like that.
If we want to go back to germany, we would be very happy to contact you and work with you again.
Thank you very much for your help and great job.

2 Parrots imported from Germany to NM

From Newark to Hong Kong:
“Qill Qill arrived into my hands at the airport alert and well. She doesn’t look a wee bit dazed or scared at all. She was quite thirsty when I gave her water. Other than that, she seems to be enjoying the new city by gazing out the window on our way back home in the car. I then took her for a short walk to let her stretch. She seems to enjoy her new neighborhood and a new neighbor dog. But with her being unused to the terrain, her walk down and up the hilltop I live on made her a lil tired, but full of curiosity. She is now plopped next to my bed on the cool wooden floors with the A/C blasting. Thanks for all your help. I’ll be sure to contact you guys when I have any travelling needs with Qill Qill in the future.”

Newark to Hong Kong


From Robin K:
Dear Sally, I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. It is rare, in today's world, to find people that are both efficient and caring. Camden looks wonderful--a little shell- shocked from the flight, but fine nonethless. Please feel free to use me as a reference and God bless you and your business.
Excellent Service

From Jeffrey, Asia Pacific Cardiology, Newark to Jacksonville to Singapore:
Just a quick note to say thank you to the team that took care of our pet Minnie during her transition to Singapore. From Sally to the team in Jacksonville to the team in Singapore ... everyone was very professional and extremely caring with Minnie.

I would hope that everyone has the opportunity to work these individuals and their respective companies while moving pets around the world.
Newark to Jacksonville to Singapore

From Sussanne:
Dear Sally - I wanted to tell you how delighted my son and I were with your attentive service. Spike and Sumo arrived safely and securely. You made a difficult experience easy. I can tell that you truly care about your charges and that you will go the extra mile to make sure they are safe and sound.

Attentive Service

From Susan, Piermont, NY:
Dear Sally - I am writing to let you know how pleased I was to get the call that Duchess arrived safely in San Diego.

Thank you for your excellent service. Nadine, your driver, arrived promptly, exactly when she said she would. Her relaxed, upbeat demeanor put both me and Duchess at ease.

I was also delighted to see how comfortable Duchess was in her air kennel. She had never been crated before and I was worried about how she would take being shut up in there for so long. Fortunately her bed exactly fit the kennel and I was surprised to see her put her two front paws up on the back of the van like she couldn’t wait to climb right in. As soon as we helped her into the van, she climbed into the kennel, settled right down and was very calm, even as we closed and locked the door.

This was much easier than any of us expected. Soon after her cross country flight Ron said she was on the beach, romping in the surf with the other dogs.

You were very professional, friendly and responsive throughout this entire process. Thank you again for making what could have been a very stressful time, so much easier.
Pet transportation to San Diego

From Christina, 2 Westies to Tunis, Tunisia:
Thank you very much for all of your help and for taking such good care of Pasha and Prince! They arrived yesterday, very happy (tails wagging) and had a good first night. They were clean, their crates were clean and they had water and didn't eat too much dinner, so they ate well on their trip. I am very appreciative for your efforts and would highly recommend your services.
Transporting dogs to Tunis, Tunisia


From Suzanne and Michael, York, UK:
I wanted to let you know that our three animals arrived in the UK all in one piece last week -- safe, healthy and fairly happy. They are all doing great now and everything went off without a hitch -- so thank you! I also wanted to let you know that our Vets in Buffalo (Bflo Small Animal) told us that Airborne Animals was the best service they had ever worked with. They said everything was clear, well-organized and made their jobs much easier. So, kudos!
Pet Transportation to York, UK

From David and Kathy:
I just wanted to let you know that Charlie and Sahara (or 'the girls' as we call them) arrived safe and sound on Wednesday. After a little bit of jet lag (or maybe just tiredness from the stress of being apart from us), they both seem to be adjusting well to life in London (must have something to do with all the extra walks that they're getting...).

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support and for everything that you did to help us get through the process. Having never sent the girls on a plane before, we were understandably a little nervous about the whole process -- so all of your support was very much appreciated. We certainly couldn't have done this without you! Again, you and your team really did a great job, as they arrived happy and appeared to be very well cared for. THANK YOU!!!

Can we look forward to working with you again in 2 years, when we return from London to the US?
Fantastic pet transport services

From Scott W., Issaquah, Washington:
Sally - Thank you very, very much for your call reference my little girl, Sam, and your fantastic services that you provide at the Newark airport.

It was a very big relief to hear hat Sam has made it safely 1/2 way through her trip....she means so much to me.

Your services and company deserve the highest praises and accolades in my book! I would use Airborne Animals without hesitation for my future pet travel needs.
Transportation for my pet from Newark, New Jersey


From Rob, 1 Westie:
I just wanted to let you know that my Westie Brodie arrived safe and well at Heathrow. He seemed none the worse for his journey and is now happily running about exploring his new garden! He isn't normally the best of travelers but my wife tells me that he was very calm and relaxed when she collected him.

I want to thank you for the excellent way you handled the whole event. Paperwork, vets, USDA, you handled it all in a very caring and professional manner.
Pet arrival at Heathrow

From Cezanne:
We would love to provide one of your potential customers with a reference so feel free to give out our e-mail address if you so wish. We were extremely happy with the way you handled everything. Needless to say, Bean has settled in wonderfully and is loving life in England. Once again, our sincere thanks for all you did.
Happy pet in England

From Frank:
Please accept my appreciation on how well the transport of Cracker and Truffle was handled. Kate called me at 10 PM Friday to advise that the cats had arrived safe and sound. Thank you for a job well done!
Job well done


From Charlene:
Just wanted to follow-up and tell you how wonderfully my animals are adapting! It seems their transit was pretty "stress free" as we've had NO issues on arrival. No hair loss, no potty problems - the only thing is they want to sit in my lap all the time, but that's definitely okay. So thank you again for doing a wonderful job. I VERY much appreciate it!
Stress-free transportation of pets

From Bob, Carolyn, Ian, Heidi and Murray:
Hi Sally and Happy New Year!
I just wanted to let you know again how much we appreciate everything you did to get the animals here (New Zealand). They came home three days ago (from quarantine) and love it here, and we love having them home. During the month they were in quarantine we heard several horror stories about the problems some of the other people had transporting their pets. I still don't believe how well you handled everything, thank you.

moving our animals to New Zealand

From Debbie W., Business Applications Analyst:
Sally, thanks so much for your meticulous attention to detail in the excellent handling of my babies - Taffie, Maddie, Shelly and Scooter.

There were absolutely no problems with their boarding and trip to Texas - Jane, who was the courier in Texas, was in constant contact with me all day until they arrived at our house, on-time! I was impressed at the quality and thoroughness of the documentation on each crate - there was even a supply of food attached to each one, along with each pet's name and specific handling instructions.

Best of all, all four were healthy, happy and eager to settle in to their new home. I think they adjusted faster than I did!

The entire experience taught me never to attempt the shipment of my pets without your help. I have already recommended you to several colleagues at Huntsman.

Thanks again for your professionalism and compassion.
Pet transportation to Texas


From Clare:
Hi Sally, Hope you got home without to much grief on the roads last week, we all got back to london safe and well, the flight was delayed 3 hours because of the snow, but we made up some time at customs at the other side because the paperwork was so good, according to the Virgin Atlantic staff at Heathrow we had the fastest clearance ever. Millie was understandably a bit confused when we got her but within twenty minutes she was back to her old self, she is enjoying the freedom of London's Parks and today dived head first into a duck pond, no harm done just a little stinky. Many thanks for your services you did a great job calming our nerves and sorting out the dog and paperwork.

Just so you know it worked out at just over $1000 for Millie and her massive crate, the Virgin staff were very good and the captain even came to us just before take off and explained how he would monitor the temp and pressure etc.
Animal move to London

From Alistair and Amy:
Sally, We're happy to say that we've now got Alfred and Lillybelle safe and sound at home in Scotland. They're both pretty keen on exploring and on first impressions seem quite happy. Our other cat Danny isn't being a particularly good host (he's sitting on a chair scowling and giving the occasional hiss and grumble). Once everything's settled I think they're going to get on fine. Many, many thanks for all of your efforts with getting the cats to us - we really appreciate all that you've done and the way you've kept us informed on the process. If you ever need a testimonial please just ask!
Transportation to London of pets

From Angharad, 1 cat from NC to London:
Just to let you know that Smasha arrived at our door yesterday at about 3.30pm UK time! Though she was clearly tired and confused she looks in great condition - her coat is soft and glossy and she had obviously been really well looked after on her journey. Since then she has settled in wonderfully.

She is eating and drinking heartily, purring non-stop and is enjoying exploring her new home. Last night she even slept on the bed beside us and purred all night with her face in my armpit! I can't thank you enough for your hard work and professionalism. My husband and I are so pleased we found Airborne Animals and both agree that hiring you is the best money we've ever spent. I can't praise your service enough & would be happy to provide a testimonial for you at any time. Once again thanks so much for everything!


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