Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

Fee Schedule

Our pet moving services will totally relieve you of the worry or stress of arranging the pet relocation yourself.Airborne Animals adds our fees to the price of cargo (your pets "ticket"). Therefore using our services is more expensive than dealing with an airline directly. Our services will totally relieve you of the worry or stress of arranging the pet relocation yourself.

We will notify you or a predetermined person when your pet(s) are safely on the way, and in many cases when they have been received and are being delivered (if requested as a service).

Professional Fee
Covers all arrangements, airline cargo booking, telephone calls, faxes and coordination of pet move with all parties involved.

  • $250-300 Domestic moves within the USA
  • $600 - $750 International Moves (depending on the country & difficulty)

Crate (kennel) Costs
Vary from $85 - 320 depending on the size of the pet
Extremely large dogs require custom made crates which will run from $850-950, depending on the size needed.

  • Local Transport in NJ, PA, NY, CT, DE: $85 per hour for driving for pick up or delivery
  • $200 and up for a trip to Newark Liberty International
  • $320 and up for a trip to JFK (plus tolls)
    ***Additional pets $40

Fees in other states will be set by an independent agent we subcontract with.

Freight Costs of the Airline (the pets "ticket"):
Costs vary from airline to airline. Many things are taken into the account when the airlines estimate these costs, including size and weight of the pet, the dimensions of the pet crate, the route, and any special services. Airborne Animals does not set the price. Freight costs of the airline for pets average $295 for a small dog or cat up to $1900 or more for a very large dog. Many people are surprised to learn that the pet's "ticket" is much more costly than their own. International fees will be quoted only after confirming with an airline.

Other fees:
Other fees to be determined for a specific pet move include those of agents used other than Airborne Animals, importation fees for international moves, USDA fees, health certificates, vaccines, permits, Fed Ex charges, boarding or other services that may be requested.

International pet moves may require extensive veterinary work or special endorsements from either government involved. We can assist you in getting any special documentation required for international transit, and will not ship a pet until we are sure all the necessary requirements are met. These services will be at an additional cost.

Please complete our estimate form for the estimate of fees that may be associated with your pets move. Because there are so many factors affected the pricing of a pet move, using just the items listed here will not provide an accurate reflection of the cost of your pets move.

Fees quoted will be an estimate only. Actual fees may vary due to changes in pet shipping plans, services not originally requested, tests or vaccines required for transport, etc. Driving times are estimates only and change with traffic, detours, or unclear directions. A final invoice is determined prior to shipment so the pet owner knows exactly what final costs will be incurred. Airborne Animals LLC is not responsible for changes in airline policies or procedures, change in airline rate structures or rates determined on an incorrect crate size.

Furthermore, since rules and regulations of countries and airlines are subject to change without notice, Airborne Animals reserves the right to update an estimate or invoice based on unplanned changes in fees in these areas, as well as for currency exchange rate changes in the case of international moves.

Estimates are good for 30 days. It usually takes about a week to arrange a shipment; rush shipments will incur additional expediting fees.

Airborne Animals accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, bank checks and cash. A deposit will be required when a contract is signed with Airborne Animals, and your card will be billed within one week prior to the pets flight. An itemized invoice will be provided.

Refund Policy:
Cancellations within the last 2 weeks before the pet's flight forfeit the deposit and and any other costs already paid out (boarding or veterinary fees for example).

The professional fee can then be used within a four month time frame should extenuating circumstances unexpectedly delay your move at the last minute.

Tax Tip - Pet Moves are Tax deductible

According to the IRS Publication #521, "Moving Expenses" states that a pet move is tax deductible relocation expenses when your relocation and moving is for the purposes of a change in employment. Consult your tax preparer for more information and details of itemization.


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